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New York artist with a unique style in his interventions reflects the elasticity of shapes, textures and colors turning visual and conceptual art into an excuse to improve spaces and objects

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Art intervention

Explosion of neon lines

Electric contrasts with neon blurring and lines take up an abstract concept but with a clear intention of enhancing a space in an artistic environment.

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Art Intervention

Endles Chess

-An optical ilusion like something out of alice in wonderland- Enhance perfected his technique by lacquering his tape and vinyl compositions with half inch hardening glaze of polyurethane. Now vandal's lobby is now an optical illusion that you must walk through to enter the restaurant

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In our store you can find posters, t-shirts, hats, phone cases, and more objects personalized by the artist

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Artistic interventions for branding

Corporate art

On this occasion for the vodka company Elit, this matte black illuminated bottle is inspired by the natural cracks in pure ice.

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